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Managed Website Hosting

We provide a fully managed website hosting service. This means that we maintain and host your website so you can focus on running your business. We will ensure that your website is always running at its optimum, free of bugs & viruses, & current with the latest software updates and plugins. Our managed website hosting service will give you peace of mind, with secure web hosting, WordPress site maintenance & security features that ensure your website is always up and running and performance is at its peak.

What is website hosting?

Website hosting relates to the space where a website is housed on the world wide web to make it accessible on the internet. Every website you’ve ever visited is hosted on a server. A server simply is a computer that connects other website users to your site from anywhere in the world.

What is managed hosting?

Managed hosting is an online service that combines website hosting with website maintenance and security. This means we provide the hosting platform and backend services.  We take care of all the required updates, the website’s security, routine backups, email & SLL certificate setup, as well as other vital tasks to keep your site up-to-date and secure.  Our ‘Standard’ plan even includes 60 mins  of allocated time each month for content updates*

Why is website maintenance so important?

Website users love fast and snappy websites and they want a positive experience. No one likes to visit a website and find missing pages, broken links, huge loading times, and no useful information.  This is why regular check-ups are an important part of website and server maintenance, similar to how a car needs regular oil changes, tire rotations and system checks to remain at its peak.

When a website lacks maintenance, it becomes sluggish, theme and template files may not display accurately (especially on the latest mobile devices and new versions of web browsers) and security certificates and updates expire making your website a target to hackers looking to exploit the weaknesses in the outdated software and security.

For these reasons we always recommend keeping a step ahead by having a strong maintenance plan in place.

Why choose managed hosting with us?

We have the expertise. Managing websites and servers can be difficult and time consuming, involving many elements that require more in-depth knowledge.

Remember, it is important to keep your data, content, plug-ins etc. up to date. This will keep your users engaged, informed, and will diminish the gravity of a cyber-attack.

So enjoy peace of mind and focus on the day to day running of your business knowing that we will be maintaining your website’s security and reliable performance.

Can I organise hosting and perform website maintenance myself?

This really depends on your level of technical knowledge and the type of website you have. We always recommend going to a professional agency to avoid any issues or being overwhelmed by technical hassles.

Remember, your website is often your business’s first impression to a potential customer. Having a functioning, user-friendly, secure & well-maintained website is vital for business.

Hosting in Australia
Our servers are located in Sydney and provide fast, reliable performance and are kept within the bounds of the Australian legal system.

Setup & Deployment
We will setup your hosting space, install your WordPress website, point your domain name to the hosting account then test & deploy your website

Back-ups & Data Management
We conduct regular back-ups of your website and database and take care of your data management so that in the event of a cyber attack or server failure, your data is never lost

Performance Maintenance
We regularly perform website maintenance to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.

WordPress Updates
We manage all of your website updates & maintenance requirements, including all core WordPress updates & plugin updates. We also check your site for errors & security issues

First point of contact
We are your first point of contact, you don’t have to deal with hosting providers. We take care of everything.

Monitoring & Security Updates
We regularly monitor your website for potential failures or technical issues . We maintain your site’s security by keeping it current with the latest updates, scanning for viruses & malware as well as safeguarding your website by managing network traffic with a firewall.

Domain Name Management
A domain name should be one of the foundations for your business online. We’ll help you secure the ideal domain for your business.

Email Hosting
As part of our managed hosting packages, we’ll setup and provide you with a custom email address. Having a custom email address gives your business credibility by reenforcing its identity. So, if you’re looking to brand your business as legitimate and professional, a custom email address is your best option.

Why choose us for your Managed Hosting?
We offer Managed Hosting services as part of our website and development service. Our Managed Hosting plans provide your business with ongoing management on load speed and performance so you can have the best possible website to showcase to your customers. If you would like to switch hosting providers for your exciting website, we can help you with that as well.

Our Managed Hosting Plans

We offer two Managed hosting packages to suit different types of businesses.  Both packages will ensure that all aspects of your website’s security and maintenance is performed regularly and thoroughly.

Our Starter plan is perfect to keep your website up to date on a budget. Each month, themes, core and plugin files will be updated. Security checks and backups are also completed to make sure your site is safe and secure.

Our Standard plan includes all the features of the Starter Package plus one hour of allocated time each month for website updates (edits, image updates etc).  Please see terms and conditions for more details.

Managed Hosting
$59.95 per Month *
3GB of SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Business Email Account
Free SSL Certificate
Core WordPress Updates
Update WordPress plugins
Update WordPress theme
Backup website and database
Performance & Speed Optimisation
Uptime & Security Monitoring
Monthly Report
Managed Hosting
$139.95 per Month *
10GB of SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Up to 5 Business Email Accounts
Free SSL Certificate
Core WordPress Updates
Update WordPress plugins
Update WordPress theme
Backup website and database
Performance & Speed Optimisation
Uptime & Security Monitoring
Monthly Report
60 mins of client requested content updates **

Can’t find what you are looking for?

We can develop a tailored managed hosting solution to suit your specific needs.

* Quoted pricing includes GST.  Hosting accounts are issued annually.

** Content (text, images etc) to be provided by the client.  Content creation not included.